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    Save and Open files

      Hi, everyone

      For my flex application, I want that my client can save their configuration files for the display and can use it next time. So there must be a pop up window to show the file names and promte a window for user to input the file name.

      I know there are two possible ways to do this:
      First, save the file to the web service and then download to the local machine and reversely, upload the file to the web service and then the flex application read those configuration files from web service.

      I don't know if this method will expose more information about our server or not. Just I am not quite sure about the security issue of this way.

      Second, just simply save all the files to the web serive according to the username, and then I use popUpManager to create two popUp windows to interact with users in order to get the file name.

      It will cost space on the server if there are too many users. Besides, I read a post in this forum pointed out that the PopUpManager.removePopUp() method cannot free up memory as it should be.

      I am struggling with which method to use, or someone has a better idea, please help me out here.

      Thanks in advance.
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          cialeen Level 1
          Besides, is there any way to make Flex builder debugging faster?? It takes ages to debug even just several lines. It does not have a good memory as well. If I take the breakpoint out this time, it will appear in the next debugging time again!!
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            peterent Level 2
            Can you post this last question to the Flex Builder 2 forum? More Flex Builder experts read that one.
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              peterent Level 2
              If I were implementing this I would send the data to the server to save it and request it from the server the next time the app started. This makes your app a much truer "web" application because the user can return to their work from any computer. If you download the file you won't be able to read it from the Flash Player - you'll only have to upload it to the server and then request it from the Player, so there's no real point to that.

              In other words, you really have one choice: send to server to save data, read from server to get it back. I'd think a server would have gigabytes of space; how big can your data be?

              Unless you expect someone to spend hours using your Flex app, don't worry too much about memory. We know about this problem and if hasn't been addressed by the current update on the web site, then I'm sure it will fixed in the next one.
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                cialeen Level 1
                Thank you very much, Peter.
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                  I want with my flex application to create and save a folder in my machine, so i want to know if there is a flex component whitch have methods to do this?


                  it is urgent!


                  Thank you