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    Simple question but can't find an answer anywhere

      This must surely be a very easy question for someone to answer (although I can't find an answer from any tutorial or forums, despite lots and lots of Google searching).

      I want to create a link from one SWF file to another (when these two files are 'stand alonE', not online). How do I it?

      I've managed to use Actionscript to create links to a website and another scene within the same SWF, so I'm surprised that this is proving so much more difficult.

      The script I have that's not working is:

      lesson1_btn.onRelease = function (){

      (BY THE WAY Before you recommend I put everything online, this is for coursework and it specifies that the whole thing must be stand-alone.)

      Could the problem be with my Flash Player or the way I'm vieiwng the SWF? It doesn't work in test mode but neither does it work when I open the SWF directly from it's location.