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    Our EFFECT > COLOUR CORRECTION > COLOUR BALANCE  feature doesn't work on solids. Any clues?

    Mavoz Australia Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to help a friend troubleshoot a light sabre effect. He has followed a series of instructions from the net, but no matter what we try the solid will not change colour using the EFFECT > COLOUR CORRECTION > COLOUR BALANCE feature on the layer.


      On the linked page is the file + full instructions:





      Could someone more experienced with After Effects please help us out and tell us why this feature isn't working in this project?


      1. "Using your mouse to slide the numbers, drag the 3 “Blue Balance” labels to the right, up to 100 is you wish. This should start to change your glowing white lightsabre into a blue one. Play around with it, till you have the colour you want. You can slide the “Red” and “Green” Balance labels to the left to lessen their effect too."


      Would really value someone taking a look at this for us. Thanks.