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    Need Help with Installation of Flashplayer


      I am pretty good on a computer, including having been the Windchill Administrator for the US Military.  I have a Desk-Top Computer with a 1 Terrabyte Hard-Drive.  I am using Windows 7 and have Internet Explorer Version 9.    My problem started when I received a Notification to update my Flashplayer.   I updated to Flashplayer Version 11.9.    On the test pages it shows the little animation screens with the Ball rolling back and forth and also on another test screen it shows a Tree growing leaves.


      However, when I go on to my home page of ATT / Yahoo and click on one of the stories which includes a Video - the Video will not play and it shows in the Video Window that I need to download and install Flashplayer, even though I already have Flashplayer installed.


      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flashplayer a dozen or more times.  I use the Flashplayer Uninstall program and I also,have used the uninstall in my Control Panel. 


      I have my Anti-Virus Program disabled and turned off while downloading.  After downloading I make sure that it shows up in the list of programs in my Control Panel.


      I make sure that my Active-X Filtering is turned off, and under the manage Add-ons section I make sure that the Shockwave program is enabled.


      I also restart my computer.  Still the Videos will Not play - but the Test Pages still show the Animations and say that my Flashplayer is Active.


      Can you help me???   Is there some way to download and older version of Flashplayer from some place.  I was in the Adobe web-site and it would not let me download any other versions such as 10.3 or 11.1.


      I also could not find any other locations to download an older version.  I did my search using Google.  "Old Apps" used to be a good web-site for downloading old versions of programs, but for some reason they say they no longer have old versions of Adobe Flashplayer available for downloading.


      I have spent hours on thjis wiuth no progress and no results other than the videos will not play.  Need Help and Advice.


      Alan at 330-628-1455  (Akron, Ohio- USA)

      E-Mail: alan.szymanski@sbcglobal.net