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    Landscape Option

    Harding Level 1

      I select landscape while setting up my form but it is not orientated that way for editing nor viewing. What am I doing wrong?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          The "Landscape" option is part of the "PDF Paper Size/Orientation" which affects only the PDF form.  It sounds like you are looking to have the web form in "Landscape", you can control the width of the form using the "Form Width" option in the same dialog.  the length/height of the form is controlled by where you place page breaks and is not pre-set, if you'd like a landscape form increase the width and add page breaks where needed.

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            jcanepa Adobe Employee

            Forms are, by default, html pages and are displayed in what we call Web View.  This is how the form will appear in a form fillers web browser. Also by default forms are made 700 pixels wide and are displayed in what is known as toilet roll view (scolls on and on).  When you change the layout to Landscape you are not chaning these charactoristics.  What you are changing is how the form will print out or get converted to PDF.  The page width (700px) has stayed the same and is still displayed in toilet roll view.  To get a form to appear more friendly to landscape what you want to do is the following:

            1. Change to Page View (menu View-> Page View)
            2. Change the width of your form (Click on the Form Setup button in the toolbar and change the width of you form to around 1200 px)
            3. Rearrange your fields to better use the new width (widen some, or plalce fields side by side).
            4. In Page View there will be an dashed line that appears with the label Page <n>.  Use this to best maximise what will fit on to a given page.



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