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    loading 25% of the movie

      I made a flash movie and I want the loading to load at the beginning just 25% of it (which is 1000 frames - long movie...), and then to start and play the all movie.
      this is how I hope the movie will keep on loading while the movie is being play.
      Now, the problem is, that after the 25% of the loading, the movie is starting (which is good) but at the point when the loading gets to the end (while the movie is still playing), it start to play again from the beginning.

      This is what I did, I will be happy for help!!!

      Scene no. 1 is the loading scene.
      In key-frame no, 1 I wrote:


      l = this.getBytesLoaded();
      FrameLoad = Math.round((l/t)*100);
      if (FrameLoad<100) {

      } else {
      gotoAndPlay("enter", 1);



      In key-frame no, 2 I wrote:

      if (Number(_framesloaded) >1000) {
      gotoAndPlay("enter", 1);
      } else {

      And ("enter") is the next scene where the movie is.

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          MotionMaker Level 1
          1. The question that is not clear in the posting is how is the movie getting back to the starting scene frame 1.
          2. How would _framesloaded exceed the total frames of 1000?
          if (Number(_framesloaded) >1000)
          3. Are you applying trace statements to check variables such as _framesloaded and FrameLoad if they are defined and when functions are called?
          4. Finally as a word of warning. You may have noticed in these Forums folks with scenes and Actionscript (AS) ultimately find they get boxed in. So if you plan to extend on the AS requirements you should look at alternatives that do not use Scenes. This is not to say you cannot resolve this issue, but you may encounter later issues that will not have resolutions if you expand on the AS requirements.
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            anat:) Level 1
            soory but my english is not so well and so is my
            but, is my knowledge with action script.

            do you know of a way to make preloading of just 25% of the movie. and to also show the progress of the numbers in this preloader. in my movie 1000 frames are 25% of at all.

            thank you for your faasr reply.