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    Reading a camera CR2 (raw) file

    Matija Level 1

      Hello all,


      withouth any experience and not much technical  knowledge, I need the raw data from my Canon camera (40D) right out of the sensor exactly as it was  recorded. The purpose is scientific, images will be analyzed in MATLAB!


      I  converted CR2 files in DNG files, but can not get the info about linearization  curve. With no knowledge  about the curve, there is no guarantee that image is presented exactly  as it was recorded.


      If I use Adobe DNG Converter to do the  dematrixing by choosing Custom > Linear(demosaic) and Uncompressed,  will that answer my prays?


      I doubt while reading some answers on the Adobe Community: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/995391. I lack some knowledge on that issue and do not understand the problem stated completely.,


      Please help!


      Thanks in advance, Matija.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’d suggest looking at the CR2 file with RawDigger.  Not sure which version you want, so maybe use it in trial mode if that is allowed. I eventually bought the mid-priced Research version.  With the software you can hover over a pixel position and see the R, G, or B value recorded there.  You’d probably want to turn off the black-point subtraction and maybe auto-brightness unless that is just for image-display.  Look at the options to see what might be messing with the data.




          A Linear DNG will have demosaicked data (interpolated RGB values for each pixel position) in it and not the original raw data (with 1 color per pixel).

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            Matija Level 1



            I will definitely check Rawdigger! Thank you!


            In the mean time I found a useful article:


            Capturing linear images (http://www.mit.edu/~kimo/blog/linear.html)


            I just installed DCRAW and am testing it; this freeware gives you control over all processing being done in conversion step from CR2 to i.e. PPM.


            For more details on DCRAW please check:




            Please provide feedback!