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    Reader for Windows 8 Phone


      When will be a reader for Windows 8 Phone availaible that supports Adobe-DRM?





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          update ... check if Overdrive Media Console is available and will work. 

          http://www.sirenbookstrand.com/customers/secureformats.htm#eleven suggests it will for Windows Phone 7, so presumably will for 8 (???)



          I'm not sure anyone on this forum wll be able to help.

          Adobe doesn't make DRM ereader software except for Windows and Mac, but relies on licensed third parties.


          Third parties have been reluctant to put the effort into niche devices.

          There is quite a bit of choice on Android and some on IOS,

          but it was a long time before there was a DRM ereader for Windows RT tablets, and Windows Phone seems to be in the same situation.


          For Windows RT there are now three I know of: DReader, DL Reader and (just recently posted by another user) eBook.de READER app allows Adobe Digital Editions books to be viewed on a Windows 8.1 tablet. The interface is in German but it does seem to work ok.

          I mentioned the first two in another post about Windows Phone in case they were available for Windows Phone too, but the user reported they couldn't find them.

          You could check the  eBook.de READER app and see if that is.


          As Windows Phone becomes more popular I am sure somebody will write an app, but not sure when.

          Microsoft's fragmenting their app market with different OSs doesn't encourage app developers; they will presumably eventually fix that, but that will be an even longer wait.