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    Extension Manager / Freezes / No Apps


      Running Adobe Creative Cloud on OSX 10.9


      Installed CC and trying to install the Guide Guide extension for Photoshop - http://guideguide.me/ (free).


      When I initially downloaded and double-clicked the .zsp file, Extension Manager froze. After waiting a few minutes, I force quit.


      After this each time I tried opening it, it would spin/freeze. If I went to Extension Manager menu bar and hit "About Adobe Extension Manager" it would unfreeze but no apps are visable in the list and when I go to hit Install, it says I have no apps to install to.


      Incidentally it indicates that it is version "Null"


      Tried uninstalling Extension Manager, then re-installing. Same problem.


      Have read in other theads that I should 'check to see if I have permissions on Library > Application Support > Adobe > Extension Manager CC > etc., but the Extension Manager CC folder is empty.


      This is getting rediculous. There's clearly hundreds of people who are having problems with this, what is the issue and where is the update to solve this.



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          Carl Sun Level 4
          Please try to run EM as administrator firstly.


          1. Run "/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app".

          2. Input the following command then press "Return" key. Don't miss the double quotation marks.

             sudo "/Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CC/Adobe Extension Manager CC.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Extension Manager CC"

          3. Input password of administrative user then press "Return" key.


          If it works, you can try to run EM in normal way.