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    Webhelp in Konkeror (Linux)

      I have some projects running on Linux and I've found a problem in Konkeror (this may also happen with other browsers).

      We make calls to certain topics as follows: "...index.htm#05.htm".

      This works fine on some browsers: the skin shows correctly and the desired topic appears. However, I've found that if you're using Konkeror, the skin is not displayed (whnjs.htm is launched instead) and the default topic appears, rather than the topic we would like to call.

      In wonder if there is a way to change this so that the desred topic appears in Konkeror, even if you make the call like this: "...index.htm#05.htm". I'm not so worried about the fact that the skin is not displayed when using Konkeror, but the fact that you cannot make calls to the topic you want seems more worrying.

      Of course, you could always make the call like this "whnjs.htm#05.htm", but if you do this the skin would not be displayed on any browsers at all.

      Can anyone help?
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          HKabaker Level 2
          Does Konkeror have an option to identify itself as a Mozilla browser, or as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or some other browser?

          The problem here is that WebHelp identifies Konqueror and Konqueror3 in the whver.js file. However, in your project launch file, Konqueror dafaults to whnjs.htm, intended for browsers that can't handle much more than basic html. The code was written some time ago, in the era of IE 5.5 and Netscape 6.2 or maybe 7. I'm hoping Adobe will improve cross-platform compatibility in the next release. It wasn't done in RH6.

          Opera has an option to mimic IE or Netscape, which can make it work better for some features. Netscape 8 can recognize code that is IE-friendlier than Netscape-friendly and, if you set the option, to adjust itself for it.

          That's why I asked whether Konkeror can mimic another browser.


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            HKabaker Level 2
            By the way, you wouldn't be the Tony PM as in P.M. of Britain, by any chance?
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              Tony_PM Level 1
              Thanks for your comments, Harvey. No, I'm from Spain.