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    Text printed with a screen.


      I laid out and designed my book, which has an all black & white interior, in Adobe InDesign.  I submitted a PDF file to CreateSpace to print.  I received a Proof copy of the book.  All of the text in the first chapter was printed with what appears to be a screen (tiny white dots over the black text). All of the other 380 pages in the book are correctly printed. 


      I notified CreateSpace and the response was:

      “The team has confirmed that when reviewing the Interior file that was submitted to us, and the file that is used in Print, the pages with text containing white dots, is actually text with RGB color values. These values are lower than 100% black, and are printing as gray.”


      I can see no difference in the swatch settings for the text in the first (screened) chapter of the book and the other chapters which were printed correctly.  Is there anything I can do to insure that this problem does not happen when the book is printed?


      Here's an example of the screened printing from a page of the Proof copy:Morrison, p#1 screen2.jpg