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    Nvidia GeForce GT540M - is it a certified graphics card for AECS5 & CS6?


      I have a laptop with After Effects CS5 and CS6 installed on it. Both versions work fine but I recently installed Video Co-Pilot's Element 3D plug-in which couldn't activate due to OpenGL (required) not functioning. I did some ressearch and finally realized that the GT540M has caused a lot of problems for gamers and After Effects users in 2011/2012 due to it not being recognized by games and After Effects.

      My laptop was custom made and I specifically asked it to have components that support OpenGL in After Effects CS5 which I was using at that time. The laptop dealer claims the GT540M is a compatible card, but I believe it is not a certified card from Adobes position.And certified or not simply doesn't work at any rate in AE CS5 or CS6. I have been working with a Nvidia technician through chat and with his help installed new drivers, old drivers, and set up the card properly in the Nvidia Contol Panel, but after Effects just doesn't recognize the card as being able to support OpenGL and GPU.

      I specifically need links to official lists for After Effects CS5 compatible Nvidia cards to settle the issue. The Adobe lists I have found only displays newer info.I also can't find such lists on Nvidia.


      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          There never were specific lists for CS5. The only lists that ever existed were useless in that they listed Quadro and other super-expensive cards as "recommended", but even those were never maintained properly and outdated quickly. Beyond that OpenGL is so basic, it should work in any card. Only support for CUDA is specific, but well, you are out of luck on that one, I suppose. What's not listed is not supported and everything else is just experimental mumbo-jumbo. Your issues with Element 3D are a different story, but that's nothing Adobe can fix. The E3D client does not use AE's OpenGL, it has its own core. You would have to send your crash dump to VC and let them provide a fix - if that is in any way feasible...