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        Lymper Level 1

        There was an update as Pat Carney said. I was on InDesign CC 9.1 and the Creative Cloud application informed me there was an update to InDesign CC and allowed me to update. Info still says it is 9.1 but is still says I updated 7 days ago in my apps list. Haven't really had opportunity to test it yet as I had switched back to CS6 and all my work at the moment is using that. However in the few things I have done I haven't had any problems so far but they have only been small things.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There was a Media Encoder update I think that was attached to all of the



          Very confusing. I don't know why they do that instead of just informing

          you that Media Encoder needs to be updated.

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            PKCarney Level 1

            I just got word from the guys down the hall that leaving the creative cloud app open causes issued with his gpu.

            I’m closing that to see if it helps, as well.

            I’ve switched everything over to CS6 to make deadlines.

            So I won’t be testing.

            I’ll be watching this forum instead.


            Pat Carney

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            “Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.”

            - Dan Stanford

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              march67 Level 1

              I have found this to be the case as well.

              I quit out of the Creative Cloud Application - it was dragging performance down. I saw a marked increase in performance.

              Once I got Indesign CC working I took other steps mentioned by others here as well to increase performance.

              Indesign > Preferences > Interface > Under "Tool Tips" select "NONE"

              Indesign > Preferences >Type > Deselect "Font Preview Size" so there are no font previews when you scroll through your fonts. These two steps dramatically increased speed for me.


              Helped me, I hope it helps you. Good luck.

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                Just to echo comments above, my Mac was rendered all but unusable by the combination of Mavericks and CC. Indesign and the CCapp were trying to reopen at startup and continually crashing depite suggested preference changes etc. After days of troubleshooting I am finally able to work again my using the CC desktop deinstaller. There seems to be a major problem in the way Indesign is attempting to synch with the CC app. Obviously this is not a satisfactory solution but at least I am able to do some design now. Will be watching this pages for updates..

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                  PKCarney Level 1

                  What was the date announced for an update to fix all of this? I want to put it in my calendar so I can get to work early that day and end this nightmare.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Sometime in January but as I posted earlier, Adobe does have a prerelease program for this and last I heard they were still accepting people, especially those that are experiencing issues with 9.1.




                    Send an email to ShareWithID@Adobe.com <mailto:ShareWithID@Adobe.com>  to apply.

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                      Was DYP Level 3

                      If you don't want to go back to CS6 you really should sign up for the prerelease of 9.2. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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                        PKCarney Level 1

                        I've signed up for this twice and heard not a peep. I've been good. I haven't flamed anyone. I even recommended to an investor friend of mine that it's time to buy Adobe stock. What do I have to do? I'll sign up again.

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                          Was DYP Level 3

                          I think maybe you have been too good. After all they let me in.

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                            PKCarney Level 1

                            Milk came out my nose. Good laugh. Thanks.

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                              Was DYP Level 3

                              Actually I am very encouraged by the way the Indesign team is responding to this now. No reason to be hard on them now that they are putting a good effort into this.


                              Only wish the Photoshop team and the rest of Adobe would take a lesson from these guys.

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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Pat, a good deal of Adobe is shut down for the holidays so hang in there.

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                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  The ID team has been on this since day one. You're only aware of it now

                                  because you're in the prerelease program. And yes, there are certainly other

                                  teams at Adobe that should be taking notes.

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                                    PKCarney Level 1

                                    Is today's update the update we've all been waiting for?

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                                      Just posting what I found to see if it helps anyone. I found the slow down is happening when I have all my indesign panels (Effect, character, swatches and so on) completely open on my screen (thinking it saves time from having to open them from icon view or icon with the name of the panel next to it.) The slow down happen even before the Maverick update. I just noticed it more after updating to Maverick. The minute I collapsed all my panels down to icon view, I immediately noticed an increase to performance. It's worth a try, just not sure why there is not the same problem with Photoshop or Illustrator.

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                                        PKCarney Level 1

                                        Is today's update the one we're waiting for? Illustrator and InDesign crashed the whole mugilla today on my machine.

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                                          there have been two updates in January, none of them addressed the "performace" nor the "preferences" corruption issue


                                          my issues:


                                          • obviously SLOOOOWWWWW
                                          • ID interface reverts to dark grey (which i hate)
                                          • the Control pane has to be open at all times, if you close ID will creash on quit (confirmed by Adobe tech support)
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                                            BDinkar Adobe Employee

                                            An update for InDesign CC (9.2) is now live and is available via the creative cloud installer. This update resolves several performance problems. In addition, the update includes epub enhancements, Typekit Desktop Font Integration and Hyperlink simplification. Please give it a try.

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                                              togglemedia Level 1

                                              Looks like the 9.2 update has resolved the performance issues I was having. There's no longer any lag in typing and scrolling is smooth like butter. Thanks to the Adobe team for fixing this.

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                                                I just had to update to CC for a big client I am currently working with. I am hating every long minute I am spending in this program - when will they be fixing this? Productivity has been soo slow and very painful - I have followed the recommendations but I am not having any luck. This is killing my bottom line and adding extra stress to an already high deadline driven project. What the heck is Adobe thinking? Why have none of the updates addressed this issue? Why I am I paying monthly to be stressed out and at risk of jepordizing a great opportunity. FIX PLEASE!

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                                                  BDinkar Adobe Employee

                                                  Hello KbIDG,


                                                  Please let us know the InDesign version you are working on. We have made performance improvements in ID 9.2( If you still finding things slow in this version, let us know what all things you are still finding slow.




                                                  InDesign Engineering

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                                                    KbIDG Level 1

                                                    I am using 9.2. I have Maverick. I am still am experiencing issues on

                                                    redraw, when moving text boxes, general overall sluggishness. I try to keep

                                                    the palettes I have open to a minimum, but since I am working on a magazine

                                                    layout I need several open from time to time. I do have indesign open

                                                    almost constantly while I am working as it is the main program I use. My

                                                    husband is also using the 9.2 and Maverick and is still experiencing the

                                                    same issues as me as are two other colleagues. Please advise.

                                                    • 184. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?

                                                      I use IDCC Still no performance improvement. Same as before on Mavericks: slow, slow, slow!

                                                      • 185. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                        precky123 Level 1

                                                        Hi all


                                                        Same old same old…Just upgraded to Indesign CC latest version and if anything it's worse than the last version!. Just awful.


                                                        There definitely seems to be something going on with palettes and font management but surely that's what the experts are there for? Tabbing the tools open and closed used to help, now it just takes so long to redraw that I'm giving up CC until there's a proper solution.


                                                        Thankfully I had a paid copy of CS6 on my system and although I'll now have to re-save any new work I managed to do since upgrading as .idml files, at least I can function.


                                                        CS6 feels SO smooth and lovely after CC. Probably 1000% better. For anyone on a deadline (who isn't?), it seems it's the only viable solution.


                                                        It's only Indesign, not Illustrator or Photoshop, also in daily use. If it's a font issue, why are they OK?


                                                        I'm running a 27" 2.7GHz i5 iMac, 12GB RAM, Suitcase 16.1.0

                                                        • 186. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                          PKCarney Level 1

                                                          You've got something else going on.

                                                          After the latest upgrade inDesign has worked just fine. Illustrator, too.

                                                          I'm still having issues with Photoshop, but they are minor.

                                                          Time for a trip to the genius bar or a visit form your tech.

                                                          • 187. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                            precky123 Level 1

                                                            Hi Pat


                                                            Glad you got sorted. I'm going to take a good look at the system over the weekend but frankly for my daily use, I can't see any real improvements in CC, so until I'm certain it's OK, won't be rushing to use it. CS is fine. With workflow etc just can't afford the wasted time and effort. Wouldn't it be lovely if things just - you know - worked?

                                                            • 188. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                              KbIDG Level 1

                                                              I also have not improvement. I am constantly waiting on computer to decide

                                                              to catch up. I would go back to CS6 if I could in a heart beat, but I can

                                                              not. The company I freelance for uses CC. I can actually sit back a sip on

                                                              some tea and just wait for my computer to finally let me type inside my

                                                              type box. It is ridiculous. I restart my computer and Indesign so many

                                                              times a day. Whoever has CC working smoothly I have to say I envy you. But

                                                              CC is breaking my spirit.

                                                              • 189. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                jcospino Level 1

                                                                for me


                                                                Indesign was improved quite a bit... after several minutes of working back and forth form illustrator, indesign and/or photoshop switching between applications takes about 5 to 10 seconds


                                                                seems like there is a memory/pasteboard issue

                                                                • 190. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                  Cre8ive74 Level 1

                                                                  For me 9.2 cured all -- I every window open as well as photoshop and illustrator running in the background. Also, running suitcase 16.0.5

                                                                  • 191. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                    Was DYP Level 3

                                                                    I did a clean install of Mavericks on another partition but have not had the time to get to where it needs to be to do any work on it yet, so I haven't had much time to test it under a real workload.


                                                                    There is a setting "Prevent App Nap" preference found in the

                                                                    app Info window. It¹s unchecked by default. This may be what is causing background apps to take a long time in switching between them. Make sure it¹s checked

                                                                    and see if that helps.

                                                                    • 192. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                      PKCarney Level 1

                                                                      There is a newer version of Suitcase. 16.1.0.

                                                                      • 193. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                        Cre8ive74 Level 1

                                                                        But everything is working so fast now  - I don't want to slow down again


                                                                        Have you installed it and does it harm InDesign?

                                                                        • 194. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                          BDinkar Adobe Employee

                                                                          @  for users who are facing performance slowdowns :


                                                                          Please let us know what all issues you are facing. If you could share some files with all the information @sharewithID@adobe.com, we would then work with you to see where things are still going wrong.


                                                                          In the past several months, we have worked with 100 different users who were facing performance issues and got all our fixes validated before releasing our latest update( It is really strange that for some problem is stil the same.


                                                                          We really want to get this sorted out, so please share files with all the information( Machine configuration, other softwares on your machines and the problem you are facing with the test files).



                                                                          Thanks for your cooperation.




                                                                          InDesign Team

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                                                                          • 195. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                            Sky1975 Level 1

                                                                            I have a Mac Pro with 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 8 Gb 800 Mhz DDR2 FB-DIMM, operating on OSX 10.9.1.


                                                                            Softwares are:


                                                                            InDesign CC

                                                                            FontAgent Pro 5 (I know, no auto-activation plugin for CC, whatever...)


                                                                            Fonts activated:

                                                                            between 200 and 250 fonts at a time (this includes every variant of Helvetica Neue counting as one each, for example...)


                                                                            Problem is:

                                                                            When I start the computer, let it boot completely and then launch InDesign CC, the first time I open a document everything is going smoothly for the first minutes but gradually, after an hour working in the same document or another document (doesn't matter which document, how many pages, whatever font I use, paragraph style...), InDesign CC slows down until it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to select/deselect any object in the layout. Through that hour, it's merely noticable but gets more evident by the end of the hour, like if the slow-down was "exponential". There are no cross-reference in documents I work in (I mention this because this has been reported as an issue concerning InDesign CC slowing down on Mavericks).


                                                                            I can repeat the problem at will, if you guys were interested standing beside me watching me work on my projects to see it for yourselves.


                                                                            I don't think a test file is required here because I think this is irrelevant. Because no matter what I'm working on, it WILL slow down. But if I let InDesign CC stand still for a day after launching it and start working in a document only after that, it works like if I just launched it. Maybe InDesign CC records the user's operations somehow and accumulates too much information to handle it smoothly.


                                                                            Maybe Adobe is spying on us, using those recorded movements to analyze their customers? Just kidding... or not... Paranoia! ;-)

                                                                            • 196. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                              Christine Holzmann Level 1



                                                                              The slowdown you are experiencing is EXACTLY the same issue that most of us here were experiencing before the 9.2 update... the 9.2 update solved all of the issues and should get everyone back to full speed:) I am wondering if your version of InDesign CC is 9.1 or lower?


                                                                              Thank you,


                                                                              • 197. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                                Sky1975 Level 1

                                                                                Sorry, I forgot to mention it: I have version IDCC v. Still same problems. And this after installing Mavericks on a brand new harddrive. What could I have done better?

                                                                                • 198. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                                  BDinkar Adobe Employee

                                                                                  Hello Sky1975,


                                                                                  Could you please share the InDesign preference files with us. We would then see what all is getting written in the preference files while you work in InDesign.


                                                                                  This is what you can do:


                                                                                  Start InDesign with fresh preferences and continue to work till the things start to really slow down. Quit InDesign and provide us with the preference files.


                                                                                  You can find the preference/Caches files @


                                                                                  Users/<username>/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign/Version “version number”

                                                                                  /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version “version number”


                                                                                  Also, kindly provide your workspace iles (/Applications/Adobe InDesign CC/Presets/InDesign Workspaces), so that we can import the same and  get to know what all things are open in your workspace.


                                                                                  Kindly share @sharewithID@adobe.com.




                                                                                  InDesign Engineering.

                                                                                  • 199. Re: InDesign + OS X Mavericks = Slooow?
                                                                                    KbIDG Level 1

                                                                                    I am still experiencing the slow down issues with Indesign CC as well I

                                                                                    have the latest updates. I have the slow redraw, the vanishing text when

                                                                                    selected that only returns once you refresh a page, the sit and spin as I

                                                                                    wait for the program to finally actually select  and actively type within

                                                                                    my text box, and the wonderful discovery after working on magazine that for

                                                                                    some reason clicking pages from the pages menu flips the spreads - for

                                                                                    example if I have clicked the right page it moves it to the left and the

                                                                                    left page to the right. I had clicked through to move to several pages

                                                                                    ahead as I checked my document and since I was viewing the pages as a

                                                                                    single page (zoomed in) to  verify all corrections were made I did not

                                                                                    discover what was actually happening until I went back through the pdf

                                                                                    proof. What a pain that was to fix. Not to mention all of the crashes. I

                                                                                    get those for Illustrator too. I wish Adobe would just put CS6 back up as

                                                                                    an option to download until they work through this process and stop telling

                                                                                    me the updates has fixed all problems - because nothing  is fixed. Either

                                                                                    fix it or give me the option to go back CS6, because CC is costing me too

                                                                                    much time, loss of income, and jeopardizing my client relationships due to

                                                                                    the extra time it taking me to turn around projects.


                                                                                    Very frustrated and fed up - that simple.