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    Welcome to the knowmore forum!

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      Hello and welcome! Please use this forum to discuss knowhow. We have provided a few topic areas to get the ball rolling and to provide a faster response.

      For more information about knowhow, please see the FAQ.

      For questions regarding how to use Illustrator, please go to the Illustrator User to User forum.

      We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as we evolve knowhow. After all, our knowhow motto is “You know more than we do.”

      the knowhow team

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          Very cool application and linking up to delicious is a cool idea. Will this be built into all of the CS3 applications eventually? Wil it allow for cross application searching?
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            Thanks for posting and we're glad you like knowhow. Since knowhow is a technology preview, customer response will help determine how it might be included in additional CS3 components and/or other languages, as well as additional functionality.


            knowhow community manager
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              Cool, in product community-based help is always welcomed. I'm sure once I'm addicted to this this panel I'll feel withdrawls when using other apps. How long before it's rolled into the other CS3 products?

              Also: From reading the FAQ it looks like the panel was built in Flash rather than Flex. Based on chats with Adobe evangelists it seems like they would recommend this kind of App. be developed in Flex. Are there features exposed in Flash not available to Flex that made this tool possible?

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                That's a great question. The main reasons we settled on Flash were primarily driven out of the fact this was a v1, and we had a lot of open questions when we started this project with limited time to answer them - not to mention that Flex Builder 2.0 was still in development. We wanted the User Experience of the panel within Illustrator to look like it fit the rest of the UI. As such, we really needed to build a highly customized User Interface, and would not have been able to use the standard Flex UI components as-is. That said, you are absolutely right that Flex is perfect for this sort of UI-rich experience. We will be sure to consider Flex in any updates we make to this technology.
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                  I found "knowhow" when I was reading the Adobe Labs page about Adobe Open Sourcing of Flex. Will "knowhow" be made available to software developers? I'm a little disappointed that knowhow isn't a Flex app, because we develop Flex applications but lack an online help system.
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                    pguindi Community Member
                    This is not currently part of the plan for knowhow, although the idea is definitely intriguing. We are currently looking for feedback on the current experience - as it is exposed. If you think this type of UI, and integrated help experience would be useful in any Flex application that requires help, we would love to hear that. If you think we are missing specific functionality, we would like to hear that too.
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                      doradowriter Community Member
                      Thanks for the info. I think this is the first help system I've seen that reflects a trend discussed by panelists at the WritersUA 2007 conference, the contextual integration of "community" help with help produced by the software company. Intriguing!
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                        AlanGilbertson Community Member
                        Looking forward to seeing this mature. It's a great little resource already.

                        I don't know if Illustrator has the same quantity of user-invented techniques as Photoshop, but I do recall John Nack remarking that everyone in the PS development team(s) who's been to a trade show demo, seminar or tutorial session has had the experience of seeing something they didn't know could be done with the tools they'd created. In that sense, and particularly as the applications become more integrated and ever more flexible, there should be more and more of this kind of thing. Knowhow is a feature whose time has definitely come.
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                          pguindi Community Member
                          Thank-you for the feedback. We couldn't agree with you more!

                          Illustrator also has a lot of user-invented techniques (maybe not quite as many as Photoshop - but a sizeable quantity nevertheless). And the neat thing that we found while looking at content that we could bookmark for this was the breadth of the application that is covered by our users, and shared online - free of charge! We are glad to hear you are already finding this to be a good resource. If there are specific things you think we need to improve, definitely let us know. We are looking for both the good and bad, as this is something we think could benefit all of the Creative Suite products (and perhaps other Adobe products), and we are looking for guidance from our users to help make that decision.

                          Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback.
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                            Knowhow is brilliant! Please count my vote to include Knowhow (and Kuler) in Photoshop.
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                              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                              Thanks for the post. Your vote is noted. :-)
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                                Man this is one of the coolest things we have seen for a while, it will be a big plus for our production studios being able to access live information about how to use the tools, increase their skill sets and increase our productivity.

                                Get this in the other apps asap!

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                                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                  Hello, thanks for your feedback!
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                                    Community Member
                                    what is this?
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                                      I started to be very interested and eager to know more about ''Knowhow'' not to long ago, reading about it on the Web. It will be a great tool to help beginners and ease their learning curve.

                                      Quite frankly I just wish I had the English version of Illustrator CS3!...

                                      Are there any plans to have ''knowhow'' also available in other languages in the near future?

                                      I've been a great fan of Illustrator since the very beginnig. I know Adobe always takes great deal of time and energy to develop very good sofwares. In particular, their efforts has especially been greatly appreciated by all the ''Non speaking Englsih Community'' for the availability of their products, their litterature, books, etc. in many other languages, and this, ''always on time'' with the English version distribution.

                                      I just hope ''Knowhow'' will also be available for us very soon, understanding of course that this might takes some time.

                                      Robert M
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                                        tomellos Community Member
                                        Totally in agreement with RMarchand, I don't use Illustrator and I would like but one of the most important reasons is the lack of that support for other languages. Don't forget us please.

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                                          Editorial Design
                                          I find the demo runs too quickly.

                                          Too much going on in different places in the window and I can't read it all. Plus you don't show the entire tool bar.

                                          I'm using G5 PowerMac, OS 10.4.11.