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    Presenter forces the file save dialog even for unchanged documents


      Presenter always forces the "Do you want to save the changes ..." file save dialog to appear even for unchanged documents.

      To confirm the saving all times is not the solution because then I will loose the file's time/date stamp for the last real change.

      Not confirming the saving can be risky in case of any changes to the document which I am not aware anymore for that moment.

      Especially in case of having multiple documents open - this drives me really crazy.


      Deactivating the Adobe Presenter Add-in would solve the issue - so it is a problem related to Adobe Presenter (and not related to Powerpoint).


      I am using:

      Adobe Presenter 9.0.2

      Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

      Windows 7, 64 bit, Service Pack 1


      Thanks for your help