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    Edge animation becoming laggy over time

    jpringles Level 1

      I have started to create an animation that uses nested symbols and loops on the timeline.


      The animation loads and plays fine on most devices. It starts running perfectly smooth but eventually it becomes very laggy and unusable.

      It can take 30 seconds to 5 minutes for it to happen depending on device or computer but the animation cannot be left open especially on tablets or older computers.


      Please click the green square on the bottom left to move forward in the animation. After a while you will notice lag.



      I have tried to close all loops by adding a sym.stop.() trigger a sym.play(000) or a sym.playReverse() and and to make sure there is nothing running for ever that wil eat up the memory but it seems the memory is being used up anyway. At least it looks like that sort of problem.


      I have also created a test animation with much less going on and this eventually becomes laggy too.


      Please click the small green square on the top right to move to next frame



      Is there something I should know about looping the symbols?


      Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.





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          jpringles Level 1

          I think I have found the issue here.


          In my project I had quite a few short looped symbols (between 1 and 3 seconds) that were controlled and reset by a triggers of sym.play(0); or sym.playReverse(); at the end of the loop.

          I presumed shorter loops woud be easier to load than longer ones!!


          The project would start fine but would quickly become laggy. It would by unuseable after abut 8 minutes on older machines and eventually stop completely. The more elements I added to the project the quicker it would lag.


          I changed all my loops to be approximately 2 minutes long by repeating the animation timelines over and over again instead of looping back to the start so quickly.

          Now my animation has been running for 40 minutes without any lag on a low powered 6 year old laptop.


          I havent checked it on an iPad yet but hopefully along with dynamically loading and deleting the symbols as needed (http://forums.adobe.com/message/6001189#6001189) it should now perform ok.


          I hope this helps somebody! I took me a week to figure it out!