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    File created on Mac wont open on PC


      The Problem:

      I created a catalog file in InDesign CS6 (Before CC) on a Mac (See machine info below) and my Manager who works with a PC (Windows 7) can not open my file. The problem is that the file will only open when certain pictures are not linked. Whenever I add certain product image photos to the InDesign File she gets the error message below. When these product photos are embeded the file does not open. But it's only certain files.


      Then I have to start over with a copy of the file thats missing the picture files in question then it opens on a PC.




      The File is never open in another application. I close indesign all together when my manager tries to access the file in question.  And I have never installed any plug-ins. I dont know how the "InDesign can't support this file" when it's an .indd


      My Machine info:

      Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)

      Processor  2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

      Memory  8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3


      What I've Tried:

      - Open the mac files as they are.

      - Resave the mac files as old indesign format and open them on PC

      - Export from mac as IDML files and open those files on the pc.

      - Open the file on the pc as a "copy"

      - Use adobe extension manager to remove all third party plug-ins

      - Renamed Image files

      - Created new files of images in question, (in .Tiff and .PSD)


      And none of those have resolved the issue.



      • Can Memory/Hardware play a part in getting this error message? (My Manager uses a machine thats at least 5 years old)
      • Can using PSD files as links in an InDesign file create errors like this? (Many of the files we link are PSD files)
      • Can this be an issue of having the file stored on an external network drive? (The file is stored on a network external drive)