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    Duplicated items, Unlinking files, and Importing an updated project


      My brother and I are co-editing a project in Premiere Pro CC because it is so large. However, we've been finding difficulties when importing each others edits. We have it set up so that we work on different sequences of the project at a time. When I import a sequence, it also imports all of the files used in the sequence. The problem is that this creates duplicates in my project since we're using the same files. It seems like there isn't an easy way to re-link the source material from the imported sequence to the existing files already located in my project. Whenever I try to delete a duplicated item, it removes it from the updated sequence. I have to manually click on each file, make offline, then somehow relink it to the file I want it to be linked to. This is a big hassle for us and I'm hoping that there is some simple, massive relinking option that gets rid of these duplicates.