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    3 Disk RAID + 760 gtx 2gb= laggy timeline ?

    Loucann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I added  3 seagates constellation es.3  (3gig each)= 9TB RAID ( when empty (501 mb/sec)

      After adding my media to it (70 % full)  speed is now  (250 mb/sec)

      It's an INTEL 6 core

      Cache drive = Raid (234. mb/sec)

      Operating sytstem = Raid (260/mb/sec) (I know it shouldn't be a Raid,..oh well)


      Footage used = Canon c300 MXF files


      Editing for 3 weeks= NO PROBLEMS


      The minute I add an opacity to a clip and/or contrast effect, the clip gets laggy.


      I built my system  for $2,500.00 (which would be close to $5,000.00 if ordered at HP

      So why is my timeline laggy with a simply Opacity & effect?

      What can I do to correct this?

      Thanks a bunch,