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    Problems with FlexBuilder2 plugin

    Joshua Tharp
      I'm new to FlexBuilder so I very well could have overlooked something obvious, but...

      I have an existing Eclipse installation so I downloaded and installed the Eclipse Plugin distribution of FlexBuilder2. I started by looking at a very simple Flex application that I had coded by hand, and tried the "Design" view/mode. I got a message "The component is based on Application, which is not a visual component. Switch to source mode to edit it."

      Next I tried to create a new Flex project and mxml application in my existing workspace. The Application also would not show in design mode (same message as before). However, the online demo shows the developer doing exactly that, creating a new application, switching to design mode and then adding Panels and the like.

      I tried to install the stand-alone version, and with it I created a new workspace, new Flex project, and new application. These all work as advertised. If I load that new workspace into my Eclipse-plugin environment, the design mode works as expected. If I load the plugin workspace in the standalone version it won't switch to design mode.

      If I create a workspace, project, and application in the standalone version, then try to import only the project into my existing workspace in the plugin version, the design mode provides the same message as before.

      Any ideas what might be wrong with the plugin?

      Windows XP on Intel hardware
      Java 1.6.0
      Eclipse 3.2.2 (build: M20070212-1330)
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          Joshua Tharp Level 1
          I just tried something else... I created a new workspace in the plugin version, created a new Flex Project and application and then tried design mode. It worked. I then imported all of my other existing non-Flex projects and Flex is continuing to work.

          This sounds like some kind of installation bug on the plugin where it is not modifying existing workspaces or something.

          Has anyone any information that could be enlightening here?