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    Accessing Adobe FormCentral from different computers

    Kathy K

      I am purchasing FormCentral but I move around quite a bit and work in different locations and at different computers.


      I am wondering if I can access this by logging in at different sites? NB These computers are all networked as I work for a large multi-site organisation 


      Also if I want to do this, do I need to buy a licence for each computer I might use (ie does setting this up on a computer require downloading the program to the computer or is it all cloud based?



      Kathy K

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          FormsCentral is not tied to a single computer at all, you can sign in from any computer, anywhere.  It is a complete cloud service/solution.


          The only "exception" to that I have to mention since it can confuse users - Adobe Acrobat Professional XI comes with a desktop application for FormsCentral, it does not come with a subscription to the service, but with the desktop application which allows the Acrobat user to create forms and save them as PDF.  This desktop application is, as Acrobat is, tied to the computer/s they are installed on (Acrobat can be installed on two computers). 


          However the Acrobat note above has nothing to do with where you can use your FormsCentral service if you have a paid subscription, with the paid subscription to the service (regardless if you have Acrobat or not) you have access from any computer you can access the internet from.




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            Kathy K Level 1

            Thanks Josh


            Just further to that information … We are actually wanting to create some forms and we identified FormsCentral Plus as the best way to do this? Are we looking at the right software and is that the same as  ‘Adobe Acrobat Professional XI ’


            We could create the forms on one computer but will need to access the results of people completing the forms on an ongoing basis and so would need to be able to do this from a variety of computers in a number of different locations.




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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



              There is an FAQ to assist in that question: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1385


              Here is an overview of FormsCentral that might help understand the service: https://www.acrobat.com/formscentral/en/library/how-to-make-create-sur vey-or-form.html


              Acrobat is completely different and can be used along with FormsCentral to further edit PDFs after creation in FormsCentral and any other PDF editing/creation tasks, I can't go into the benefits of Acrobat here, Acrobat is extremely useful software and needed by most businesses but it is not necessary for a FormsCentral subscription.


              There is also a great "cloud" bundle that includes both Acrobat desktop installation and subscriptions to a collection of useful services including FormsCentral.  It also includes PDF Pack (to convert other file types to PDF), ExportPDF (to convert PDF into other file types), Acrobat.com (file storage and other services) and Reader mobile.  This collection of services including Acrobat is only $19.99/mo  The desktop software is tied to 2 computers max (you can unlink from one to install on another anytime you need to move it though) but all of the services are available from any computer you have internet access.