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    XML and data binding

      With the native XML object i tought i could bind XMLList wrapped in XMLListCollection directly to a control.
      It works but not entirely (according to my debug player)
      i get this warning : unable to bind to property 'xxxxx' on class 'XML' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)
      after a lot of trying (using XMLListCollection.source/ XMLListCollection(XMLList) etc etc)
      I just started parsing the XML again and map to ObjectProxy => ArrayCollection then it works fine coz ObjectProxy implements IEventDispatcher.
      Im really wondering whats up with this. Its a lot of work i thought i wouldnt have to do....
      I could be missing something obvious here but i dont think so...
      ps i see people talking on forums saying you can bind XML but how is this possible if XML object doesnt implement IEventDispatcher......