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    Animations and States vs. frames?

    jefferis Level 1

      It has been a while since I used Fireworks (CS6)  to create a banner animation, but since Flash is dead and Animate is buggy as all get out and html 5 doesn't scale well for phones,  I'm trying to do one in FW.


      Now, I've created symbol animations that work, but when I try to create another tween or animation and I add it to the last state, instead of starting at that state and going forward, it copies the new symbol to all previous states.  So for example, I can't get a text symbol to scroll in, pause for 2 seconds and then either move in a new direction and fade out nor place a new text symbol on the next state to create a new tween.. 


      When I try to insert a new symbol on the new state,  it won't tween or animate to make the new direction. Like I said, it is visible in all previous states and appears almost as an onion skin (I have onion turned off).


      Also, when I create a tween and try to distribute, there is no option to distribute to states, only to frames, but there is no longer even an option in the panel to view frames.  Appears to be a legacy nominclature issue?


      Is it only possible to create a single timeline of states that forces this overlap, or am I doing something wrong?


      Can't find a tutorial on adding new symbols to existing states...