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    Artboard Management

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      I posted this as a FR on the Adobe website, but thought I'd add it here too.


      I use Illustrator to create mobile device screen designs and workflows.


      I will start off with a document of say, 20 pages all nicely spaced, (the even spacing is helpful for duplicating objects across screens precisely). But naturally I quickly hit more than 20 artboards. So while I could start a document with 100, it would be great to have more management of artboards.


      I envisage that if you enter the artboard tool, select an artboard and press Return, the Move dialog would appear, just as for objects for easier and more precise duplication. The Shift-Option-Drag is all very well but if you want to add more that 1 or 2 artboards it is slow and imprecise.


      Also some way of selecting multiple artboards to move them around would be great - just because sometimes you need to move things around.


      Here is an example of a workflow I am curently doing. Being able to batch drag artboards to arrange them in a logical order would be great.


      Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.11.19.png