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    How do you use/transfer a users Digital ID from Acrobat Pro X to Adobe Reader XI


      How do you transfer a digital signature using the DigitalID export option from acrobat pro x to adobe reader xi, reader does not recognize the export file extensions except for the trusted certificates but I cannot import it as the digital id, or use the trusted cert for signing in reader xi (free).


      Backgroud:  I recently took over a IT at my organizition with no turn over from predeccessors so did not even realize we had Acrobat Pro X,  We are currently replaced systems with a standard image that uses Reader XI (free) as the defulat.  I have individuals who eletronically sign pdf files. My current work around is to install Acrobat Pro X, but no all of my users have a need for Pro.


      Trying to aviod having to have them (which means me) recreate thier digitial id.  The old machines I have looked at use the "Digital Id File" for storage mechanizim, Were is this file located?