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    Why are some fonts blank in my CS5 character panel?




      I'm wondering why some fonts arent visible in my character viewer. I am using Illustrator Version15.0.2 on a MacBook Pro running 10.9.1. I have included 2 screen shots below for a visual reference.


      Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 6.03.54 PM.png AND Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 6.04.14 PM.png


      Additionally, I'd like to understand how the fonts in the character viewer menu are organized. I know they are alphabetical, but what are the grey divider lines representing?


      Can I deactivate non-english language fonts so that this menu is less conjested with fonts I never use? I've used Illustrator for years and am finally getting around to asking this question. I can't seem to find a straight forward answer regarding which fonts are actually non-english. As a side note, I use Font Explorer X Pro to manage my fonts.


      Thanks for any insight into this.