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    Convert rtf, pdf or doc file to xml or html

      I'm using RichTextEditor from Flex, but I need to upload a .doc, .pdf or .rtf file into RichTextEditor. Or maybe a way to convert these files to xml or html.... please can you help me??
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          BLXWebMaster Level 1
          Flex has no inherent functionality to do doc conversions. You are also looking for the ability to convert several different file types that might require seperate conversion methods. Also, it is important to note that Flex does not have very good HTMl functionality. In fact, it has a very limited subsed of HTML tags that are allowable and also require some distinct formatting requirements. So, if you are trying to convert PDF's and Docs, RTF etc, you might have a difficult time trying to get them to diosplay in the Flex RTE.

          I have struggled with trying to get a good PDF converter for multiple file types. Adobe does have some good server side utilities, but budget might be an issue.

          You can find several PDF converters that are server based that you migth be able to leverage.

          If you are CF user, Scorpio does have a better integration with PDF and LiveCycle services that may help when it is released.

          Good Luck.