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    Using Smudge Tool on Pixelated Photos in a more efficient manner?


      Hello everyone! 


      These forums have been so useful to me lately with finding the answers to not-so-obvious photoshop solutions.  So here's one:


      I have a photo with pixelation.  More specifically it is very "speckled" where it doesn't need to be when zoomed in slightly.  I can use the smudge tool on the areas mentioned and it does the trick, but the amount of time it would take to do this to the entire photo would set me back.  Not to mention, I have several of these photos to edit.  I really like the outcome of doing it manually, but its tedious.


      So, is there anything I can do to produce the same result as smudge over the entire image in a quicker, more efficient, manner?


      Thank you ahead of time everyone!