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    Autorizing - Adobe ID - Why does it not work


      Dear Users,


      We had adobe digital edition on 2 e-readers and on one computer-account with the same number.

      Now someone set the computer up for me again and deleted the Adobe Digital Edition.

      I downloaded it again and wanted to autorize it under the same number.


      But it doesn't work. This is what it says (translated): "You can't authorize this computer with an ID, that was used before to authorize other computers or mobile devices. Try it again."


      But I need the same number. Otherwise I can't download the the library's e-books on the e-readers.


      I am sorry, but

      1. my English is not good - so please write in easy English
      2. I am not good at computers - so please write in easy computer language




      Thank you very much for your help. And a special thank you from my children.


      Have a nice day,