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      Using Muse has always been a pleasure! I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble to add the ability to create tables. More than 5 times, I needed to have a table of figures/data as part of a web page, and have had to do meticulous workarounds. Adding this feature to the program itself or as a widget would be greatly appreciated.


      Or point me to a better workaround?




      Joe Notovitz

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          RepulseMonkey Level 1



          I'm quoting a website that has dozens of tables.  Without support for tables, I'll probably price myself out of a job.


          Love the rest of Muse though, nice one!

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            Filip Bl. Level 1

            Yes, please, add support for tables.

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              Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I'd also appreciate the tables, but, since you're asking for a workaround, here's one :

              1. Create a Google spreadsheet document, style it as close to your needs as possible.
              2. Trim unnecessary columns/rows
              3. in File > Export > Save as .html (current page)
              4. Ask to view the source code (in Chrome : cmd-alt-U)
              5. That page is quite long, but that's what it takes to build a table… (and a simple one, may be that's why we still don't have tables in Muse)
              6. Select everything between the <body> </body> tags (here it starts with a </style> tag in the first line)
              7. Copy


              Second step, in Muse :

              1. In Object > insert HTML
              2. Paste the code (should only have <style> and <table> tags)


              Third step, if necessary, use Brackets or Edge Code, or whatever basic web editor to enhance the output.

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                RepulseMonkey Level 1

                Hi Franck, good information there, thanks.  I did try using Dreamweaver to create CSS styled tables too. 


                The html can be inserted from the DW table into Muse in a similar manner.


                Other people have mentioned creating tables in InDesign and exporting to jpg, then inserting as an image.


                However, that means the table won't be editable by the Business catalyst CMS.


                Thanks again.



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                  Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Yeah, jpgs are "cute", but when we're talking about information, it's the worst choice… I hope the team is able to build a good table module, as there seems to be a huge request, and maybe not trying to re-build excel from scratch


                  What would help is if people in this thread could post examples of the tables they want to make, to see how that could iterate through Muse's development : Not anticipating enormous features, and slowly building step by step the pieces users need.

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                    Agree, here's a simple table example.  Not a big deal I would have thought.  The text is editable in the BC CMS.




                    The ability to merge cells/columns would be nice on more complex tables... a bit like InDesign tables.


                    If we could applied fills/strokes to table and cell borders... again, in a similar way to ID.


                    I'm loving Muse, but not having tables is a rather large 'gap in the plan'.

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                      Hi Franck, there is no way I can find to export as HTML.





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                        Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Sorry for the french UI and bad translation :



                        so it's called : Download as > Web Page (.html, active sheet)