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    How to publish PDF online as Flash player Flip Book



      Im not sure if this question belongs in this thread, but none the less, here it is:


      How can I publish a pdf of a magazine to a website where viewers can flip through the pages like a flipbook. I noticed several publications doing this, and it seems they are using a generic template, that is simply customized for their magazine. Below are some examples of what i am looking for:






      ... I was directed to this page by one of the publishers: http://www.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/ebook/

      but it does not seem as if this is the technology being used as it is more for mobile readings. Unless digital editions has a feature to publish online as a swf file.


      Please help!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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          Why do you want to use SWF? It's as dead as it can be and you will be eliminated a very large part of your audience on mobile devices as well as those without Flash player installed.

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            MW Design Level 5

            Most flipbook creating software also creates versions concurrently for use on iDevices, etc., concurrently with the flash version. So that's a moot point.


            I don't know what created those, but I have used a couple flipbook creating softwares that use the PDF for the source. One such is:





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              mithunanR Level 1

              True, but my client is the one who sent those samples and asked for something similiar. I am doing some preliminary research before presenting options to the client.


              They currently use flippingbooks, just so that viewers can enjoy virtually turning a page. However, the examples i posted have further capabilities such as an archive of the previous publications, which is what my client hopes to upgrade to.


              If i were to suggest them to use epub files and actual apps to read ebooks, they may be hesitant as the viewers of the publications will have to be trained on using the new system.


              They currently just send an email with a link to the online swf file, and viewers just click and start reading.


              It is a bit archaic, but i want to be able to offer all options, one being this outdated swf option, and another which is what desktop publishing suite has to offer.