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    How do you give editors control over other parts of the page besides {tag_pagecontent}?

    joshock Level 1

      Is there a way to give editors the ability to add content in other areas beside the pagecontent module? For example, if you have a two-column layout, with {tag_pagecontent} in column-1, and misc. modules in column-2. How do you let the editors add unique content to column-2? The only solutions I've come up with are using a 2-column table in the pagecontent moduie, or creating a custom 2-column template for every variation of column-2 content. Both solutions seem impractical. A 2-column table in the pagecontent means the editors have understand HTML tables (or divs) and be able to add the required modules every time the create a new page. If I use a two column template, then I would need to create a custom template for every page with unique content in column-2. What's the best way to do this?