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    Checkbox to hide subform not working

    lateniteNC Level 3

      I have what i think is a fairly simple dilemma. I have a checkbox that will be used to show/hide a subform when checked/unchecked.


      However, none of the code I have written seems to work. The checkbox is an object in page1 and not wrapped in any subforms. The subform simply has two text fields in it. the properties of the checkbox have been set so the binding values are 1 for checked, 0 for unchecked. The fields in the subform have presence set to "invisible" as i do not want to show these fields on the form (unless the box is checked).


      My code is:



      form1.Page1.Newspaper::click - (JavaScript, client)


      if  (this.rawValue == 0) {

      xfa.resolveNode("form1.Page1.Newspaper_Subform").presence = "hidden";


      else {

      xfa.resolveNode("form1.Page1.Newspaper_Subform").presence = "visible";




      This code is in the click event under JavaScript. The form is saved as a Adobe dynamic XML form. I am using Adobe XI Pro and LC ES4


      I can make this work in the action builder, but i want the subform to go back to hidden when unchecked.


      Obviously, a newbie in Java script, so any insights/assistance you may have would be appreciated.