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    1/28/2014 - Beta - Flash Player

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Flash Player Beta Channel Update

      The latest Flash Player 13 builds are now available.  You can download Flash Player here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flashplayerbeta.


      New and Updated Features:

      • Supplementary Characters Enhancement Support for TextField

      This is a desktop enhancement for supporting surrogate pairs in the TextField control.  Now, characters out of the Basic Multilingual Plane(BMP) with Unicode code points between U+10000 and U+10FFFF will work correctly in the TextField control.  It greatly enlarges the code point range we support and includes characters like emotion symbols (emoticons) and complex CCJK characters.  This feature has been under an extended beta period.  We anticipate this being included into the release version of the Runtime 13 release.

      • Full Screen video message tweak

      We've made a small tweak to the "Press Esc to exit full screen mode." message that's seen on full screen video.  We've heard for sometime that this message obscures content and we wanted to make a change that both satisfies security concerns and customer viewing enjoyment.  To help, we've simply moved the message towards the top of the screen from it's original centered position.



      Testing Guidance: 


      This release focuses on enhanced premium video capabilities and new platform support.  We're looking for feedback on stability and compatibility with existing content on these new platforms.  



      Fixed Issues:


      • 3058752: Move 'Press ESC to exit full screen' to the top
        Note, this currently only works for hardware accelerated video (e.g. YouTube) 



      About the Beta Channel


      Beta Versions of Flash Player are available for automatic installation via our Background Update service. Please subscribe to automatically install or receive update availability notifications at runtime.