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    How to disable new Path Segment Reshape?

    achegr Level 1

      I used to select segments of the path with precize clicks.

      Trial of new IllustratorCC reshapes my paths instead of just selecting it!

      I haven't found any preferences to disable it (and I don't want to, because I have VectorScribe installed).

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          ssalln84 Level 1

          Which tool are you using to select the segments? Could you show a screenshot of what you are trying to do?

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            achegr Level 1

            I found one more important for this issue. All I described above happens only with Snap to grid enabled, which is my default work mode.

            Also I use Direct selection tool. It looks like Illustrator tries to snap the place I click to grid. I can't even imagine the situation when it IS could be needed.

            Adobe should have added Gradient snapping to grid instead of it.

            See animated screencast attached (click to see animation).


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              Walker, Andy Level 1

              In the absence of the knowledge how pro or newbie users use the tools, Illustrator is grossly overloading the limited set of tools it has by adding inane functionality to them.


              For example, the Direct Selection Tool used be to the "go to' tool for many users (they never use the Black Arrow Normal Selection Tool, ever) to select and move anchor points, segments or whole objects. But now you being asked to do all kinds of acrobatic gymnastics with it. The same tool is now also being used for Path Segment Reshape and for Live Corners. I am running into trouble now - when I select a segment and move it, it is getting reshaped. It all becomes too much to handle with one tool. And there is no escape! There is no preference setting where you can turn these off - you are forced to use them whether you want or not. Also, asking all the new and old users to go to the View menu to turn off Corner widgets is not a good move - shouldn't it be off by default? Adding new features should not take away the old functionality or detrimentally affect the tried-and- tested ways of working.


              What kind of validation is Adobe doing before pushing these new features down our throats? Doesn't anyone at Adobe, especially the Illustrator guys get it?

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                ssalln84 Level 1

                Yes, it looks like you have caught a bug. It did not happen prior to this update.

                Go ahead & report the problem.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Maybe I'm missing something but the direct selection tool, keyboard shortcut a, is working just fine in the latest update. My standard workflow is to press a then p to select the pen tool, then hold down the cmnd/ctrl key when I want to use the direct selection tool (open arrow) to select a vertex, a bezzier handle or now reshape or corner tool. I've been working on a Mac 0SX 10.9.1 since downloading the update without any problems at all. I love the new functionality..


                  I'll have to try it on a Windows machine, but for me, these new tools are a real time saver.

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                    achegr Level 1

                    I often use direction tool in the same way as you mention.
                    I'm almost sure there is no difference between Mac and Win in the case I described.


                    I have Snap to grid turned on (don't ask me to turn it off).
                    I want to select a segment of a path (no matter why).
                    I have a lot of objects stacked under path I'm working on and I don't want to lock them.
                    Because of it I can't drag a marquee to select the segment I want.
                    So I click it with Direct selection tool precisely (and it worked fine always before).
                    Illustrator thinks I'm trying to reshape segment and snap the place I've clicked to nearest grid node.
                    See gif above. This is NOT correct.
                    I repeat — I can't imagine the situation when it could be needed.


                    Why Gradient tool is immune to snapping when I NEED to have it snapped?
                    Why Path reshape is NOT immune to snapping when NOBODY need it?


                    I used third-party plugins for reshape ability in Illustrator for years.
                    I used BetterHandles. I used VectorStudio. I use VectorScribe now.
                    Corel Draw has it from the box almost forever.
                    Xara has it from the box since version 1.
                    InkScape has it.
                    Everything that works with vectors has this functionality.
                    Illustrator have never has it until now.


                    And now Adobe suddenly got awaken and implement a parody on every similar tool above!

                    It should be done YEARS before! This is what standard Reshape tool could do instead of nonsense it does now!


                    But why the way they make it is so rude to my workflow I developed for years?
                    Are they working in closed box? Do they monitor the field they are specializing at all?
                    Bugtracker with assignments? No, says Adobe.
                    Scripts in actions? Nonono, says Adobe.
                    Blend acceleration like every vector tool has? Never heard of it, says Adobe.
                    Independent units for each document? Hell no, says Adobe.


                    Flip coordinates and forget to add a switch for those who don't want to use it! Have a bug for those who found a way to flip it back!
                    Trash settings in Save for web! Have a bug for those who always get a message about wrong settings they can't change!
                    Add distorted features to Direct selection! Have a bug for those who use it for selection!
                    Spoil the Type palette (thanks for fixing it in CC)!
                    Break loaded actions after each relaunch!
                    Bugs. Bugs. Bugs.
                    There is no way I can have them fixed. Never. They never reply, forum staff advises garbage treating us as dumb kids, bug reports goes void.


                    I love Adobe. Illustrator is my favorite tool. They add a lot of useful stuff. But it is broken.

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                      a unique screen name here Level 1

                      This Path Segment Reshaping "enhancement" has forced me to revert to CS5. I've used Illustrator for almost twenty years and in that time I've learned to use and manipulate paths and their bezier controls IN THE VERY SPECIFIC WAY THAT ILLUSTRATOR ITSELF HAS SET UP. Now it seems that the folks at Adobe have chucked out all that previous technique in favor of a more noodly and less accurate approach.


                      Adobe: Please add a feature back in (much like there is in Photoshop) to CONSTRAIN PATH DRAGGING so my bezier handles are not flying off every direction every time I want to edit a path.

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                        rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I agree with a unique screen name here!

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                          jenniferkolanek Level 1

                          This new "enhancement" renders paths completely unusable to me. How can I create precise shapes when the path changes every time I touch it with the selection tool? Apparently people have been clamoring for this change; I'd like to see actual requests because a web search brings up absolutely no results. I highly doubt Adobe will change this; they are not going to support multiple features for their products and this new direction brings Illustrator more in line with Flash (I would have much preferred it was the other way around as Flash has horrible drawing tools.) I assume Photoshop is next.


                          It's unfortunate that Adobe wasted no time in proving why I shouldn't trust their upgrade system; this new feature has been thrown at me with no warning and there's no going back. This change will cause me to lose time and work. I will think long and hard now about accepting any more upgrades through my subscription as I don't want to be forced to use dumbed-down tools made for people who don't want to learn to use them properly.

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                            rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Well said, jennifer. Adobe, are you listening?

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                              Kurt Gold Level 5

                              I don't use AI CC, but I'm curious: Is there really no way to prevent the bending when using the (direct) selection tools?


                              Basically I think that way of modifying paths can be very useful, but I would expect that there is some technique to not bend if all you want is to move an object (like in FreeHand, for example).


                              No way, is that true, Ray?

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                                rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I went back to check once more. No, I can find no way to constrain path dragging to confine changes to the current segment. Now, the only way I see, is to edit the Direction Points individually. I know, it's bazzar. PS CC introduced this function as well, but there is an option to turn it off. I would love to have an Adobe staff member show my I'm wrong. I have reported it as a "Bug/Feature" request. I can't believe it myself.

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                                  rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  @Rick Gerard,


                                  Are you saying, dragging a path segment with the Direct Select tool does NOT affect adjacent line segments for you, in 17.1? I can no longer get that functionality. Regardless of how I drag a segment, The connected segments also move.


                                  Mac OS X 10.7.5

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                                    Kurt Gold Level 5

                                    That's astounding.


                                    Thanks for testing.

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                                      rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      I attempted to contact Adobe Chat support on this and got as far as having them capture a screen shot. Because their software is not compatible with Google Chrome, it did not work and I lost the connection. Suffice it to say, the support person had no clue what I was talking about.

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                                        achegr Level 1

                                        Have you tried to recontact them?

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                                          Herbert2001 Level 4

                                          Before the advent of this CC subscription model and the new update model, these silly behaviours would have been probably nipped in the butt by beta testers who worked as professional illustrators.


                                          With the new CC model everyone suddenly becomes part of the beta team.

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                                            rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            After 3 attempts I successfully contacted Adobe Support. They conseded functionality has been lost with the Path Segment Reshape tool and the Pencil tool and recommended I report the problems using the Bug/Feature request form, which I have already done. EVERYONE concerned about these changes should do the same.



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                                              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                                              It is definitely not by design so this is a major bug and a blunder that not oe testing this found he issue.


                                              It is a kind of feature  you test inside out.


                                              I am also on my way to report it.


                                              BTW this is how I reported it in case anyone wants to copy and paste as a way of reporting the bug.


                                              The more the merrier



                                              Concise problem statement:

                                              Steps to reproduce bug:

                                              1. Create a new or edit Document with Snap to Grid turned on.

                                              2. Create a closed path using any path creation tool

                                              3.Using the direct select tool select any curved segment of the path



                                              Results: The segment of the path will change shape just by select clinking on it without moving the cursor

                                              Expected results: The segment should be elected but not change shape.

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                                                ssalln84 Level 1

                                                You have reported just one half of the problem, highlighted by achegr above.

                                                The other half of the problem, raised by rcraighead, is that the Direct Select tool now also affects the adjacent line segments.


                                                Steps to reproduce bug:

                                                1. Draw a sine wave curve.

                                                2. Select one curved segment with the Direct Select tool and move it up or down.


                                                Results: The adjacent segments are also affected.

                                                Expected results: Only the segment that is moved should get affected, by default (like in previous versions). There should be an option whether you want the other segments to move in tandem with the segment being moved or not.


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                                                  ryanhamrick Level 1

                                                  I'm a lettering and type designer, and when I'm redrawing letters in vector with Illustrator, I rely very heavily on being able to place my bezier points in extrema (North, South, East and West), and then grab the path segments themselves with the direct selection tool to position them.


                                                  When I do that, I've come to expect those bezier handles to stay at the exact angle I set them to (often perfectly vertical or horizontal), since that's the way the pen tool has worked since the first day I started using the program. Now, I have to move each handle individually if I want them to maintain that angle, which takes at least twice the time. More, considering that I'm almost guaranteed to not get each one exactly right on the first move.


                                                  Plus, this isn't even mentioning the massive issue caused by the path changing completely even beyond the next point, as demonstrated in Marth Bennett's GIF above.


                                                  Here's a video I put together to demonstrate the difference in the way 17.1 handles this compared to the way it's always been from 17.02 and earlier:



                                                  It would be great to even just have a checkbox somewhere to "Use legacy path segment control" or something to that effect. I can understand that this might be helpful for people who are fairly new to AI and trying to do loose illustrations, but for precise, professional work, this just can't go unaddressed.

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                                                    rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    Agreed!! Surely Adobe will make quick work of correcting this flaw in one of the most basic path editing functions in Illustrator.

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                                                      jmlg12 Level 1

                                                      I agree,


                                                      There are a few post about this topic, we need the same option as it is present in Photoshop, it exist a check box which allows to "constrain path dragging". All what people knowing Ai since +88 version need...



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                                                        EricDuboisMDD Level 2

                                                        The problems has been explained above, but I'm adding my own pictures in case Adobe does not understand the scope.

                                                        1. Selecting a segment should do just that. Select. Not change or move. Just select.

                                                        2. Dragging a segment to reshape it should only affect that segment, not the adjacent segments.


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                                                          rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          Yes, the new line-segment adjustment tool is a disaster and Adobe knows it. AI users should insist on free CC subscription until the debacle is resolved.