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    BUG: Medium-to-large projects make Edge Animate falter a lot

    EvilGeniusCreative Level 1

      (Running Windows 7, current with updates, 8GB RAM & Adobe EdgeAnimate 3.0.322.27519)



      After a while, a larger project I'm working on will do some or all of the following, requiring a restart to work smoothly. And by a "larger project," I mean with lots of elements, custom script, over 30 seconds.



      • Creating a new element (or renaming a just-created one) will not show the name either in the Elements panel or in the timeline listing. Just a blank where the element name should be. Clicking away and back may reveal the name sometimes.
      • For a text element, right-clicking on the element name in either the timeline to Edit Text will result in nothing. No popup, no response.
      • When Edit Text window does appear, typing in it is painfully slow.
      • Various other similar issues, as if there's a memory leak or infinite loop going on.