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    Downloading latest flash player failed


      When downloading the latest version of flash player, the bar goes to 50% then stops and says "error occured". It then prompts me to start over, which does no good. I'm running a Mac with OSX 10.9.1. This has happened on earlier versions as well. How do I get past this. Turning off my antivirus software didn't help either.


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          Mike M Level 6

          1. Use the offline installer. It doesn't have to download anything to complete the install.

          Flash Player 12 (Mac OS X)

          2. Get rid of whatever Antivirus software you were conned into putting on your Mac. YOU DON'T NEED IT.  In spite of what rumor-mongers and anti-virus companies will tell you... there is NO SUCH THING as a virus for Mac. None that any software will protect you from, better than OS X's built in protections against malware already do. OS X is built in a UNIX kernel and viruses (".exe" files) simply DO NOT RUN in a UNIX environment. They're text documents and nothing more.

          Even if you run Windows via BootCamp or as a Virtual Machine, you ONLY need A/V on the Windows partition or maybe in the VM, but I never bother with it in my VMs because, if I do get hold of a virus in the VM, I can always delete it and make another, but....

          If you get a virus on a BootCamp partition, you simply boot back into OS X, erase the BootCamp partition, and then reload it. The virus cannot, and will not, ever affect the Mac partition.