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    Game sounds in MX 2004?

      Hi all,

      looking for some pointers to implement sounds in my space invaders game. I've got 4 in the library. I want on to play when I fire, one when I hit an alien, one when the aliens bomb, and one when the player is hit.

      Should I be entering the code in the same place where the mouse code is (for firinig) and in the same place as the hit test for the others?

      I am also not sure what code to use - could anyone advise or point me towards any?


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          Armen Abrahamyan Level 1
          You have to use MovieClip.attachAudio method.
          You can hold all audio files in one swf file, load it in main game and than control them from main game swf file.
          As for the playing, I think better to have functions in the beginning of game and than use them later when need( in case you are using classes u can write separate Class and use it).