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    Save For Web always saves as a GIF


      Hi Guys,


      I think I may have a bit of a bug with Photoshop CS6 on my Mac. Every time I try to save an image through Save For Web, the file will automatically save as a GIF, regardless of what option I choose from the drop down menu. I have tried a reinstall of Photoshop and checked my setting against someone elses machine but I can't seem to resolve the problem.


      When I enter the Save For Web window, in the bottom left hand corner it says 'GIF' (just above the preview button and zoom button), if I was to change the drop down menu in the top right hand corner to JPEG or PNG, the GIF in the bottom left hand corner would stay the same, meaning that the file format would stay as a GIF.


      I've added an screenshot to show whats going on, the image in the preview is just text with a outer glow around it.


      Any ideas on this, as i'm a bit stumped on what my next move should be.