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    Contents, Index, & Search do not display in generated help...

    dmcmillion Level 1

      I'm generating HTML help from RoboHelp 9, and when I click Contents, Index, and Search, the left navigation pane is blank, and I cannot search.


      The start page does appear, and I can navigate to topics from hyperlinks in that page.


      As of last week, this issue only occurred when viewing help in IE 11, but it is now occurring when I view help from IE, Chrome, and Firefox.  Last Friday while it was still not working when I viewed my local copy, I tried uploading it and viewing it on IE11 from the Web, and it worked a bit better.  I'm viewing it from the Web now and it's not working.


      Does anyone have advice for this problem?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          RoboHelp 9 and IE11 do not work well together and I am not aware of any fix. Chrome will also have issued when viewed localtly. Firefox should have no problem though.

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            dmcmillion Level 1

            Yes, previously my main issue was with IE 11--once help was uploaded to the Web, I was able to view it on Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10, at least.


            Now, unfortunately, I can't use the contents, index, or search on ANY browser.

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              kmbcollie Level 1

              Unfortunately IE 11 s not playing well with many who try to play in their sand box...

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                I have been having the same issues with RH9 generated WebHelp in IE 11. The TOC was totally blank and the Search tab looked fine but did not function. Everything worked fine in FireFox. After much experimenting and online research in these forums and elsewhere, I have been able to get the TOC to display properly in IE 11 (and Firefox) but the fix has caused the Search tab to stop functioning as per this other forum post RH9 Webhelp Search function is not working properly.


                I need to have BOTH TOC and Search displayed and functioning properly but in order to get the TOC displayed properly I had to change the Preferred Format setting to "Pure HTML" and, according to the post mentioned above, that is what messes up the Search function. Is there a solution that will allow both to function properly?


                Here is a summary of the steps I have taken to get to this point:

                • Tested WebHelp output from two different projects of my own as well as the Sales Builder starter project - all would display/function properly in Firefox but not in IE 11.
                • Found a "patch" for RH10 for the exact problem I was having with RH9 but was not able to find a version for RH9. Since the patch included 2 files (whutils.js and whver.js) only, I backed up these files in the RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_stock directory and replaced them with the new ones.
                • Regenerated one of my RoboHelp projects - still didn't work in IE 11 and now didn't work in Firefox either!
                • Tried turning on Mark of the Web but this did not help and would not allow opening PDF's which is necessary to one of the projects so I turned it off again.
                • Changed Preferred Format setting to "Pure HTML" instead of "DHTML" and the TOC displayed and functioned properly in IE 11 and Firefox! Hurray!
                • Celebrated for 10 seconds until I clicked on Search tab and saw the input box filled with letters of the alphabet with other random letters, words, numbers below. It looks almost like an index but neither of my projects uses an index and I have not generated one in either project.
                • Found the post mentioned above which states that the solution is to change the Preferred Format setting back to DHTML but when I do that I am back to blank TOC and proper-looking but non-functioning Search!!!
                • I have now removed the Search tab from the output of one of the projects since it is not really necessary but I need to find a fix for this for my other project.


                Both of my projects are run locally - one is release documentation that is distributed on a CD and the other is CSH which is loaded on the local server with the software for which it was created.