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    SSD's with IOFX set-up



      I happen to have the following system. I am interested in how others would set this up for the most efficient use of my SSD resources by PP and AF, and mocha pro. I have read the many fine articles by Harm and others about disk management depending on the resources available. But I am not sure what they would do with this particular "overkill" set-up of all SSD disks. I do not use 2K or up as of yet, but that is coming within 1-2 years.


      I use CS6, but am thinking about going to CC.


      ASUS P9X79-E WS in Cosmos II case


      i7 4960X at 4.5 GHz overclock


      64 GB (8 x 8GB) SDRAM 2133



           OS:      2 x Intel DC S3500 480GB Raid 0 on Intel on board SATA III Controller

           PCI-E  OCZ Z-drive R4 1.6TB

           PCI-E  Areca ARC-1882IX-12 4GB--- 4 x Intel DC S3500 800GB Raid 0

           PCI-E  Fusion-IO IOFX 1.6TB



           4x Western Digital RE 4.0TB JBOD on each Marvell SATA III Controller. Each a dedicated back-up for the above 4 "disks"



           EVGA GTX 780Ti Dual Classified w/ACX cooler



           1200 80+ Gold



           Windows 8.1 professional



           I am looking into  30" NEC multisync or spectraview. Maybe 4K when they mature.



      Thank you.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          WOW!  Welcome aboard this forum. 


          As a starting step, what I would do is run our PPBM6-DE on each of three SSD arrays that you have.  Each time put all the PPBM project and output files on one of your arrays.  The first test (of the four tests) on the PPBM6-DE is a great Premier Disk I/O test.  Each of these three technolgies (OCZ, Fusion-IO and Areca) will have probably minor differences in this write performance directly from Premiere.  This will identify the best choice of the three for exporting. 


          You might have the possibilty of beating Harm's Monster results for the Disk I/O test.  You will have to register at the ppbm7.com site to see these results.  But his 22 seconds equating to 1686 MB/s is the fastest recorded rate to date.  Go to his Tweakers Page for more information on Disk Setup.  I suspect that your Areca array will be the fastest but only testing can give us a quantitative answer.


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            cut/run Level 1

            Bill, I will do that fairly soon. I plan to be using this system for High definition intraoperative open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery videos and am just getting it set up. Thank you for the reply.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              I am intimately family with your field, I just had kyphoplasty on my L1 vertabrea.

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                cut/run Level 1



                I hope that helps with your pain. Its great when it works.


                My name is Steve