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    folder is no longer in this location? But Folder Still There

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      I have Windows 7 and PrE 9. I was working on a folder/project on an external drive and had no problem accessing the avi or other folders in the drive. Once I was satisfied I no longer needed the project (about 14 GB) I deleted the project. I got a pop up window saying the folder was no longer in this location. What the heck? I was just working on it. I checked the folder again, everything was still there and functional. I then tried to cut and paste the folder to my main drive to see if I could delet it from there.


      It started out as a normal transfer of files and then gave the message that the folder being transferred was no longer in that location. Ok. I rechecked the Project folder and it was still there but....All of the folders inside were gone except a Stop Capture folder of Zero bites. It still says the folder isn't there lol. Even though it says Zero bites I would like to get rid of this folder and the stop capture folder inside. I had two other projects right next to the one still there and they deleted fine.


      Is this a Windows 7 thing and have you guys had this happen? I have one other folder on my desktop from a couple years back with the same scenario. Says its not there so I can't delete it. I just labeled it "can't get rid of this folder" and gave up but it still bugs me. Now I have another one.



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          head spin


          I was working on a folder/project on an external drive


          Could you clarify what you are doing?


          I understand that you are using Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 on Windows 7 and you want to delete a project.


          If so, there are at least two possible scenarios...

          a. You go to the Adobe/Premiere Elements/9.0 Folder and delete the project file (project.prel) and all instances of the project in the Folders in the 9.0 Folder and delete also any log or sessions files.


          b. You delete one beforehand planning Folder which contains project.prel and all its assets specific for this one project?


          After the following I got out of sync with you

          Once I was satisfied I no longer needed the project (about 14 GB) I deleted the project.


          What did you delete and where?


          Are you saying that you had all the Scratch Disks (Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks) pointed to a folder on an external hard drive. If so, what was in the Folder?


          Please check to the locations of Scratch Disks in preferences to where you can actually see them.

          Is your external hard drive getting plugged in and out a lot so the odds are good for spontaneously drive letter change happening?


          Please review.





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            Thank you. I over explained I guess. Per Bill Hunt's suggestion in one of my posts, I run the program in my main computer C Drive, I direct the project to an external esata drive with all assets being same as project (in Scratch Discs>Preferences). The only exceptions being Media Cache Database and Media Cache because they will not stay with the project when I start a new project. Unless I remember to redirect each time I start a new project they always stayed directed to the previous project I had been working on. Therefore I left the two media cache folders to their default locations. I do have the 9.01 update.


            Because I did not learn how to delete a project from within PrE, when I am done with a project I just delete the complete folder from wherever I directed it to be saved. Perhaps you can tell me how to delete from within PrE.


            As I said I have these two folders (both PrE projects) which windows7 says "can't find this folder". I did not rename or relocate them. But when I have deleted them, everything inside gets deleted except the "Stop Motion Capture". Then I get the message "can't find this folder" no longer in this location etc. I can do a screenshot if you like but the main Project folder is still there with the stop motion capture folder inside - zero bites. All of the other assets are gone.


            I can further explain my project workflow if you like. But while i was waiting for a response from this forum I did some googleing. I found that there were many others who had this problem with windows up through Windows 8. There were many solutions with using DOS commands which were way above my head. But the simplest solution was to download 7 Zip and rename the folder in 7 Zip so that windows could find it and then it could be deleted either from within 7 Zip, or using windows right click/delete. I am going to try that and will get back with yay or nay. Here are the instructions if others have a problem folder which is not deleting. I haven't tried it yet so I take no responsibility but many people said it worked.

                 1 Download 7zip (and open I presume)

                 2 Browse to folder (using 7zip I presume)

                 3 Right Click-Rename (successful)

                 4 Close 7zip

                 5 Browse to folder > Right Click> Delete


            My hard drives do get turned on and off depending on which one I am using. The drive letters have never spontaneously changed. I have not had any problem with PrE not finding the project to work on it. I am continuously adding hard drives and to test them I am swapping back and forth to see if there are problems before I start filling them up with data I don't want to lose. If one drive were to fail I have it backed up on another. I have lots of avi from VHS tapes for editing later.



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              Oops. I had another set of Instructions for 7zip which were more complete. I copied it to notepad but forgot it was better than the one I just posted


              1. Please download and install 7-Zip for your machine (be sure to get the 64-bit version if you need it). If you wish to uninstall it later, be sure not to let it change your file associations for zip and other archives during installation.

              2. Open 7-Zip and navigate with it to your problem folder.

              3. Although 7-Zip is a zip utility, it also doubles as a lightweight file manager. RENAME the folder from within 7-Ziip file manager.

              4. Close 7-Zip and delete the problem folder as you normally would via windows


              Hope this one is better

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                I should have labeled this post "Could Not Find This item" or Item Not Found


                Problem solved. I downloaded 7-zip version 9.22 beta from sourceforge (for whatever reason- just seemed good) There are other places to download from. Choose your favorite.


                Here is a screenshot of my problem folder so that if others run into this problem 7zip may work for them.

                could not fiind this item.JPG

                I had a tussle with 7zip and it did not work to begin with, but the problems turned out to be really simple. My nephew is a computer wiz and came over to use the DOS procedure that people are using on the internet to delete the folder. At first he couldn't get it to work. Then we discovered there were 3 folders, one inside the stop motion capture, the stop motion capture, and the outer project folder. The folders had to be deleted from the innermost first, one at a time, to the outer folder. Hallelujah. This folder is gone after 2 years of staring at me.


                If you have this message like I did the first thing to do is go into the main folder to the innermost items and delete as many as will delete normally thru windows. Keep deleting the inner folders til you get to the first one that won't delete. Then see how many folders inside the main folder remain.


                So let's try 7zip again. I am a newbie so I thought others might like how my nephew and I did it.


                In the main window there will be a short list on the left starting with computer and accessable drives. Double click on computer (or whichever location your trouble folder is in). A bigger list of stuff will show up. Mine was in the desktop so I double click on that. I look at that list fo find my trouble folder. Double click on that. Each time you double click will go to the next internal folder. Then when you get to the innermost folder rename it ( we just used the word del). Up higher on the screen is the red delete X click on that. the folder will be gone. To get to the next folder use the green "up one level" arrow just to the left of the url bar. The next folder will show up, rename and press X to delete. When you have reached the outer folder which you thought was your problem folder it will dissapear from your desktop ( or wherever it was located). In my case I had to delete 3 folders. My other problem folder was in my external drive so I just went through the same procedure after double clicking on the drive letter which was in the list in the starting window. Exit 7-zip when done.


                You don't have to close 7-zip to delete the folders as I listed in my previous posts. These were just info I got from a couple of websites. Not complete by any means. They presume you know what you are doing with computers.


                The only reason I started this discussion was because both of these folders were made with PrE7 and PrE9. I have never had this problem with anything else. Must be some kind of filing error between PrE and windows.


                Hope this helps. The DOS procedure was lengthy and was way above my head but 7-zip only took a few minutes.