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    Adobe Exchange : Update problems

    jhead2012 Level 1

      I have a new version of Adobe Photoshop (CS6) which has all updates up-to-date.


      Here is the problem: Each time I try to install extensions from the Adobe Exchange palette within Photoshop, I get the following message: "You must update Adobe Extension Manager to install this item. Once the update is complete, you can install your item from the 'My Stuff' tab.  Would you like to go update Extension Manager now?" When I click "Yes", I am taken to Adobe Application Manger and receive this message: "Your applications are all up-to-date as checked: less than a minute ago."


      So...there are no updates available. Please can someone advise a work around for this issue.




      Images below illustrate the problem:


      Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 2.37.53 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 2.38.09 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 2.38.18 PM.png


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          Sushmar Level 1

          I am not sure why Adobe Update Manager is not showing the updates. Can you please open Adobe Extension Manager directly and see what version of Extension Manager you have? Go to Help/About Extension Manager. You should have version 6.0.1 or above.


          Also the latest version of Extension Manager available is 6.0.4 and can be obtained from here: http://www.adobe.com/exchange/em_download/


          If all else fails, please try to install this direclty and see if the problem is resolved. I am not sure why the update flow is not quite working for you properly.



          Adobe Exchange team

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            I am having the same issues with Adobe Exchange in all creative suit 6 software. I first noticed this in Flash and have tried various solutions with no result.


            Can someone please help?


            Also I have everything up to date.

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              Please download latest Extension Manager 6.0.5 from here: http://www.adobe.com/exchange/em_download/

              This should fix your problem.



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                CriMsoNacidic Level 1

                Dear Archana


                Thank you for emailing but as I wrote in the post, everything is updated to the latest release and still the exchanger is not working.


                Do you recommend anything else?



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                  asankara Level 1

                  Hi Carlos


                  Can you send me a screenshot of the problem you are seeing?

                  Also if you have not done so, please get the latest Exchange from www.adobeexchange.com. The new version is 0.9.4.




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                    CriMsoNacidic Level 1

                    Hi Archana


                    The thread that I posted in is exactly what my error message was.


                    Like I said I had everything up to date but what I just did was through the extension manager, completely remove the adobe exchange extension from all products then reinstalled it and now its working as it's meant to.


                    Thank you for your assistance.


                    I will post in the thread later when I have time from work the solution that worked for me.



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                      I'm having the same problem as the original poster. I'm on Mac 10.9 using CS6, extension manager & adobe exchange are both updated, but when I try to install an extension in DW CS6, I get a prompt to "update my exchange" to complete the installation... and when I click yes, it leads to a dialog box stating that everything is already up to date. Argh.


                      Anybody found a solution?

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                        lesavage Adobe Employee



                        Can you try again after you have restarted your machine?


                        Thanks in advance,


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                          GauravK Level 1

                          Hi Lea,


                          Thanks, but unfortunately I tried shutting down already, and the error persists after I try again.

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                            fgregor Adobe Employee

                            Hi GauravK,


                            It sounds like you might have two copies of the Exchange Panel installed at the same time - one old and one new.


                            Please try uninstalling Adobe Exchange using Extension Manager CS6 (and also uninstall it, if it is listed, in Extension Manager CC).


                            Then, look for a folder called "AdobeExchange" (or anything similar - e.g. ExchangePanel) in each of the following folders:


                            /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions

                            /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions


                            If AdobeExchange exists anywhere, move the folder out to your Desktop, or just to the trash.


                            Then, go to http://www.adobeexchange.com/ and click Download -> Download for CS6 - and then install the downloaded ZXP file with Extension Manager CS6.


                            If the problem persists, can you tell me which location "AdobeExchange" gets installed to? (/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions or /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions)


                            Thanks for your perseverance,


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                              GauravK Level 1

                              Thanks for the detailed response.


                              My exchange was in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions.  I uninstalled it, checked that the folder had been removed from that location, and reinstalled it.


                              The problem still persists. The AdobeExchange has been installed to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions/AdobeExchange  (again)




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                                fgregor Adobe Employee

                                Hi Gaurav,


                                So that I can try to reproduce this problem locally, could you please tell me the "ExtensionBundleVersion" number found at the top of the following file?


                                /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions/AdobeExchange/CSXS/manifest.xml


                                Thanks for your patience!



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                                  GauravK Level 1

                                  Hi Fraser,


                                  This is what I have:

                                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

                                  <ExtensionManifest Version="3.0" ExtensionBundleId="AdobeExchange" ExtensionBundleVersion="1.2.0"

                                                      ExtensionBundleName="AdobeExchange" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">


                                  I'm using DW CS6 on a Mac OS 10.9.

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                                    fgregor Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Gaurav,


                                    Thank you for that. Unfortunately I'm struggling to reproduce your behaviour at this end - can you please email me the following log file? (fgregor at adobe dot com) /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Exchange/adobeexchange.log


                                    Many thanks,


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                                      GauravK Level 1

                                      I'm sorry. I don't have  a folder called Library in my Users/<username> folder


                                      And if I search my HDD, I do not have a file called adobeexchange.log


                                      That might be the problem


                                      I can delete it and reinstall it _again_ if you think that would help.

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                                        fgregor Adobe Employee

                                        Hi Gaurav,


                                        Ah - this might explain what the problem is. Usually there will be a folder called Library in your Users/<username> folder - but it's a hidden folder, so won't necessarily show up in search results.


                                        In Finder, can you try clicking Go -> Go To Folder, enter ~/Library in the box and click on Go? Alternatively, you could open Terminal and type "open ~/Library" [return]


                                        If, in that folder, you find Application Support/Adobe/CEPServiceManager4/Extensions/AdobeExchange - this could be the older version of the panel which is prompting for an update (you should try removing this).


                                        You might also find a log file in /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Exchange/adobeexchange.log.


                                        Let me know how you get on.