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    Premiere Pro non-responsive

    FrankinMD Level 1

      I have been using Production Premium CS5 for a couple of years now without an issue. Today I made a new project and imported some video clips and dropped them in a new sequence. Then I tried to replace one of the clips (right-click it and "replace footage") and nothing happened. Then I was unable to do anything else, although my mouse was not frozen and PPRO did not say it was not responding. I tried this with other  projects and the same thing happened. It also happened when I tried to import additional footage after dropping the initial footage in a new sequence. The only way I could get out was to force quit through Windows task manager.

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          Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

          You may have been tired and forgot to highlight the clips/clip. I have been using CS5.5.2 for 3 years and the only isue I have had is when I acccdentally got rid of the Sequence Icon, which gave no monitor or timeline windows ?


          Have you installed the latest upgrades at least to .2   ? Have you cleaned up the Media Cache base ?  


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            FrankinMD Level 1

            It turns out that when I have my second monitor active to show the timeline video, that is when I am unable to import or replace any media. If I disable the second monitor before trying to import, then I can import with no problem. If I enable it again, and try to import footage PPRO becomes unusable (freeze) and I need to force quit. I have beeen using a second monitor in this way for years and never saw this behavior before. Any way to avoid this workaround?

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What is your exact brand/model graphics adapter (ATI or nVidia or ???)

              What is your exact graphics adapter driver version?

              Have you gone to the vendor web site to check for a newer driver?


              For Windows, do NOT rely on Windows Update to have current driver information

              -you need to go direct to the vendor web site and check updates for yourself


              ATI Driver Autodetect http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool

              nVidia Driver Downloads http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

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                FrankinMD Level 1

                graphics adapter: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series


                I just updated to the latest driver, per your advice:


                Driver:  8.970.100.1100   from 4/29/2013


                After updating the driver, the PPRO symptoms remain the same.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hmm... that is a fairly "old" ATI card, and I wonder if a Windows Update changed "something" in the Windows display DLL's that is causing your problem, even with a newer driver


                  Not video editing, but my wife's computer has an ATI 5450 and she uses Win8 and a 3D Cad program for house design (our house is for sale and she is designing the next/last/retirement house we will will build when this one sells)


                  When I updated her computer to Win8.1 it TOTALLY KILLED the 3D part of her program... flat lines would draw to outline the house & rooms, the rendering of 3D images would no longer work (and, she also uses 2 monitors, which she would NOT give up) so I had to use my recovery software to put her back to Win8


                  Even if you are on Win7 it is possible that a Windows update is the root of your problem with that "older" card

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                    FrankinMD Level 1

                    I found a simple workaround. When I want to import additional media, I minimize PPRO and then bring it back again. This disables the video display on the second monitor, and I can do importing or replacing. Then I click in the timeline to bring the second monitor back. Relatively painless.