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    Generate->Image Assets - ugly Bug found (reproducible)




      First I want to say the new Generate-> Image Assets script in combination with the Linked Assets are something like the current "holy grails" for my work. Actually... but the generate script results in BIG problems when working on a bigger project.


      First I try to explain, what I actually do. I am creating dozens of icons for the game industry. I have project files that includes really a lot of different layers and groups within a single PSD file. In the history I worked with slices to manage all the crop work and save the single files.

      The new generate tool saves me a lot of time and should be a great help. You must know, I have far more than 150 different icons, represented by smart objects or vector shapes within a single PSD! So the generate script needs always some time to create all external images. And this was the time I found the bug.


      What happen?

      As long as the script is running and generating images you are not able to select any layer or blending pulldown menu in any project window inside photoshop.

      So when you try to select a layer or try to click on a blending menue, the layer and the menu close immadiately. The same happen if you try to switch the generator script off while it is running (generating images). The click in the menu will just be ignored.

      - The mentioned problems disappear as soon as the generate tool finished the job (created all images).

      - The problems never happen, when the tool is not active (Generate->Image assets not checked).


      How to reproduce?

      1. Create a blank canvas in photoshop. (CTRL+N)


      2. Create a blank layer and paint some information on it. Rename the layer to "test01.png".


      3. Duplicate the layer and rename the copy to "test02.png". Do this until you have a lot of layers.

      Create enough layers to have time to reproduce the problem. Let's say 20 Layers, better more. This is important, because the more layers you have, the longer the script is running and you have the time to reproduce the problem.


      5. Check the function File->Genarate->Image Assets


      6. Save your file.


      7. Try immediately to rename any layer by double click on it, or try to click on the blending mode pulldown. -> Impossible, because both closes immadiately as long as the generate routine is running.



      Please fix this for the next update!

      Such a functionality is a really great improvement and a "must buy" argument for people like me who work with dozen of assets that have to be saved as single files.


      I have reproduced this problem on two different systems. Windows 7 and Windows 8 installations.


      Regards from germany