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    The Foundry Camera Tracker Support for CC


      Hi all,


      I've recently purchased the foundry's camera tracker plug-in for AE and am running into a problem. I've been in contact with them and after going through all their trouble shooting I'm still getting this message after the track finishes:


      After Effects would give the error message “Unable to allocate 0.000 MB of

      memory” or “Unable to allocate 0.003 MB of memory” (or similar) when there was

      plenty of RAM available. This has been fixed.


      This was apparently supposed to be fixed in 12.2 but the problem continues to persist for me.


      I have 21 gb of ram decdicated to after effects and have nothing else running. I will say that the shots I'm trying to track are long, some are a minute and change. But I've tried it on 10 second shots and the problem persists still.


      Does anyone know of a way around this?