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    Encore CC and CS6 sound problems

    Volvenom Level 1

      I have tried Premiere Pro CC and CS6 with several different video's I upload on youtube.


      1. video with external music downloaded 2 different songs. Render in Premiere stops working, then I make it through render but Encore just stands there. I go through the export media option. Tries external and internal in the game video.

      2. make the same video without music goes fine, I add music in youtube.

      3. new video with Fraps external screen capture, and my voice following the Fraps video. Renders fine in Premiere CC, encore CC crash. I open Premiere CS6 cannot open project because it's corrupted. Just encore cs6 cannot open either or cannot find the folder for the project.


      Is there a way around this I can use to get my last video project up? I cannot upload this without my voice.