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    MAC: 10.7.4 - upon restarting indesign Cs5 ( fully updated) loses all print presets



      I'm wokring in mac only environment with over 600 users all rnning CS5. We've got 200 of them having this issue and we can't figure out where the problem. When a user's indesign either  crashes or they restart the mac, for whatever reson all print presets are gone.

      We then have to reload them on a fairly consistent basis.

      The issue for manifested itself in OS 10.6.5 and now we're seeing int 10.7.4 / some 10.7.5 machines.


      All machines are Mac Pro Quad Core, 6 Gigs of ram 250 GIG HD or Larger.



      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      User are not local admin's but are the admin on their own home folders.