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    Photoshop CC 14.2.1 Update


      It appears the 14.2.1 update for Photoshop is already out. The ProDesignTools site has direct links to the CC updates and when you change the download link from 14.2 to 14.2.1 it starts downloading update 14.2.1. I applied the update and indeed it updates CC to 14.2.1


      My question: why is the internet teeming with 14.2.1 chatter but we have heard nothing on Adobe forums or otherwise. When I checked on a Photoshop CC install in a VM only the 14.2 update was still being offered. I couldn't even find a changelog or any sort of anouncement regarding the 14.2.1 update. I guess this is what would be called a 'leak' then.


      Anyway, to confirm, the slow startup (where PS hangs in the Tree preset because it contained a network folder) is fixed. As to the other fixes and features we'll have to wait for an official changelog, I guess. I find all this very puzzling but OK.