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    Media import problem



      I'm very new to this so please bear with me! I'm having problems downloading avi movie files into Premier Elements 10. I have tried a couple of clips with the same result. The clip is only partially imported, I have one that is apprx 30 mins long but only showing 1min30 in Elements. Also when I play it, only the audio plays and the preview pane shows a still image from the end of the clip (which is not actually there!).

      I'm running Elements 10 on a PC with windows 7.

      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you provide a bit more information, please?


          1. Details of your computer, including the OS version, and the video card/chip (GUP) with the number and date of the installed video driver. This can be very important, if one is running PrE 10, with an nVidia GPU and the latest nVidia video driver. More later, if this is your case.
          2. The specs. of the AVI file(s). AVI is but a wrapper, and can contain a lot of different CODEC's. If necessary, one can use a file info utility, such as G-Spot, or MediaInfo to get that information.
          3. The Project's settings, chosen at New Project.


          That would be good to get us started in addressing the issues.


          Good luck,



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Some links to add to what Hunt said...


            Codec & Format information, read both links in reply #1 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1270588


            Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing

            http://forums.adobe.com/thread/592070?tstart=30 for screen shot instructions


            Free programs to find file information for PC/Mac http://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              There are possible issues related to the use of your .avi files.


              a. Video compression. "AVI" is just the file extension. That "AVI" is a container format that wraps the video compression which could be several different types. AVCHD.avi, Xvid.avi, and others can be highly problematic for Premiere Elements.

              b. File Size. "AVI" files have a history for file size limitations depending on the nature of the .avi file and the computer operating system.


              c. Other


              I think that we would get a good start knowing the properties readout for your video, using the free utility will be particularly useful.



              Your situation may be further complicated if you computer used a NVIDIA video card. Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA video card users have been targeted for display issues which are remedied by NVIDIA video card driver roll back instead of insuring that you have the latest version of the driver installed.



              Looking for to learning more of the details of your issue as suggested above.


              Please do not hesitate to ask questions and to ask for clarification on anything written.





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                robin53 Level 1


                1. My computer is an Asus, i-7-2600cpu, Windows 7 home premium 64-bit service pack 1

                Graphics card GeForce GT545 311.06


                3. Project settings: Pal DV standard


                2. I'm trying to find the info on the AVI file, having problems downloading G-spot, won't unzip!!


                Will give more info when I have managed to get it!


                By the way the file works ok in Movie Maker.



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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >having problems downloading G-spot


                  Try the different programs link I provided in reply #2

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Since you have Premiere Elements 10 and NVIDIA GeForce GT545, you probably want to look into rolling the driver version back as far as possible to the point where the problem disappears. Please check out the details in the thread already referenced on this matter.



                    I just checked the gspot download. It downloads OK and its contents can be extracted without issue by right clicking the zip file and selecting Extract All from the pop up menu. I used the following link for gspot.




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                      robin53 Level 1



                      Thanks for all your replies so far. Here is a screen shot of the file codecs. I have also tried updating the Nvidia driver to one that seems to work for other people - to no avail.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Based on your screenshot that you just post (post 7 of your thread), some or all of your problem is that you are working with DV AVI Type 1. You need to convert that to DV AVI Type 2. You can do that with the free DVDate program.



                        If you need a step by step for the DV AVI Type 1 to DV AVI Type 2, I will post it.


                        Please confirm if you are also having problems with file formats other than ".avi". Those non .avi files problem would be yet another problem.


                        We will be watching for your follow up.


                        Thank you.



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                          robin53 Level 1

                          Hi ATR

                          Thank you so much!!! I converted to DV AVI type 2 and it has worked


                          If I come across any other problematic files I now know where to come.


                          I'm really grateful for the help and advice from everyone.




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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for that wonderful news - problem resolved regarding that DV AVI type 1 vs type 2 situation.


                            We are glad for the opportunity to be of assistance. Never hesitate to ask questions or to ask for clarification on anything written.


                            Continued success.


                            Great job on the follow ups.